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Obama Extends Women’s Lead, Leaves Men Behind

Despite current laws and policies that have produced clear advantages in the real world for women and girls, Obama signs new Executive Order to further advance women’s interests.

Men’s and boy’s rights and falling standards, such as in education, continue to free-fall. Is this negligence or feminist agenda?

In March 2009, US President Barack Obama signed an Executive Order to create the White House Council on Women and Girls.

What this means is that mostly female bureaucrats will “ensure that agencies across the federal government, not just a few offices, take into account the particular needs and concerns of women and girls. The Council will begin its work by asking each agency to analyze their current status and ensure that they are focused internally and externally on women.”

It’s clear that the Obama government does not recognize ongoing  serious problems experienced by males such as the crisis in boys’ inferior education standards. Indeed, since the education system has been continually refined and tuned to the needs of girls, the education results of girls has been well in advance of the boys for decades now. Instead of addressing the requirements of boys, the boys have been viewed as ‘defective girls’.

Journalist Ilana Mercer puts it well when she says of Obama, “Unless there’s been a monstrous misunderstanding, the man is muddled, malevolent, or both”. You can read Ilana’s full article “Barack against the boys” at WorldNetDaily.

Ilana also discusses the ever-present false assertion propagated by feminists and government that ‘women still earn just 78 cents for every dollar men earn’.

Such false and misleading assertions serve no purpose other than being socially divisive and satisfying the neurotic satisfaction of (feral) feminists. Popular media knows that this is a false statistic but they continue to report it because of its scandal value. More scandal means more sales in circulation and advertising, and therefore more profit.

So, to the men and boys of the USA, if you haven’t been aware that a primary mechanism of advancing the interests of women and girls has been through the handicapping of men and boys by government ignorance and policy – you’d better start paying attention and speak up!


A Woman for the Rights of Men January 8, 2014 at 1:50 pm

Why are they against men to the degree of sabotaging schooling I’ve noticed that since I was a little girl I’m thirty now, that everything, and I do mean everything is against Men and boys even to the forced femaling of boys and this so called neutral gender parenting. I everyday get this crap from this feminist she’s under forty I’m guessing and reblogs all kinds of horrible crude to my blog about how men use being kind just to create a rape culture, I was horrified when I read this articles that show men as cruel evil monsters not fellow human beings that have feelings and desires too. ( sorry rant over)

Caleb Sneeden December 12, 2013 at 3:36 pm

The statistic is 93 cents to the dollar as of 2012, although this refers to overall income, not salary or hourly pay.

Joe American July 17, 2012 at 8:04 am

The thridworlding of America is well on the way. It is true women are getting a lot more of the education pie but it is mostly for degrees in various forms of political correctness or degrees in unicorn breeding. Useless and unproductive. Who’s going to do what people need and want. We can see it now, the pooring of America and the vanished middle class which continues to shrink. The real truth is it will take more than a generation to correct, we have serious downward momentum and I see nothing to stop it.
The bottom line is we are currently growing a large class of poor and because it is so large it is impossible to fix it with welfare.

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