Feminists hate women too

Do Feminists Get Along With Only 12.5% Of The Population?

“Indeed, feminists are among the most hateful creatures on this planet…Feminists hate women, too. That is, they hate all women who aren’t feminists. And these pro-choicers seem undeterred by the fact that three out of every four women choose not to identify with the term “feminist.”

When you consider the proportion of women these feminists hate (around 75 percent) and the proportion of men they hate (around 100 percent), it soon becomes apparent that feminists only get along with about 12.5 percent of the population – that is, other feminists united in their hatred of the majority.”

—  From the book “Feminists Say the Darndest Things” by Mike Adams.

I haven’t read the book; however, if this quote is anything to go by, then I’m sure it will be at least an entertaining read if not insightful.

Anyway, here is an informal video review of the book by Bernard Chapin:



Mac April 3, 2013 at 7:10 pm

Feminism is more like the Nationalist party before it became known as the Nazi. The banner of Equality, and fairness appeals to all how are good decent people. The issue is that they do not practice the banner they fly. Sandra, perhaps you may want to think about being a Human rights advocate or a Humanist and drop the Feminist title. Feminism as it stands today as a whole, are no more or less hateful then the KKK, Nazi, or South African Fundamentalists.

I believe we all should strive for equal rights. But Gender equality is just stupid. We as men and women complement each-other, Ying to the Yang. If we continue to try to have gender equality, we will fail as a nation. It has not helped that many more women go to college, only less men going to college. We need to embrace what makes us differentiated from each other. Educate men the way men learn best, and women the way they learn best. Give teachers the ability to teach and not regurgitate a pre-approved cookie cutter course plan and let them help each student and work with them to teach them.

One sex is not better or worst than the other, just two different puzzle pieces that fit together. Women are finding out being like a man, is not what it is all cracked up to be. One note, before feminism, the government only taxed men, not they tax both, doubling the taxable income to the nation, driving up the size of the government, entitlement programs and destruction of the family unit, thankx Feminism.

Student October 14, 2013 at 8:57 pm

At least the KKK are honest. They will tell you they hate non-whites, gays etc without thinly veilling it. Feminists try double-speak and fail big time.

lana January 18, 2014 at 8:44 am

I agree completely with Mac. There have been many “isms” that have brought mostly misery and strife to humanity. We have had fascism, communism, capitalism, religious fundamentalism and all sorts of other “isms.”

Feminists get very upset at the term “feminazi.” Methinks the feminist dost protest too much.

Of course there are huge differences between feminism and Nazism. That is undeniable. But when you think about the driving force that both feminist and Nazi ideologies share; that is also undeniable. Both feminism and Nazism are based, at their core, on the fundamental belief in the moral superiority of one section of humanity over another.

Sahar December 16, 2011 at 3:34 pm

Hi admins, I just wanted to say that I totally agree with the aim of this site. Feminists are just a very extreme reaction to the patriarchal, oppressive society introduced by those men who manipulated Christian teachings to suit their own misogynstic views. We (women) don’t need to go to the polar end to get our points across. I mean, campaigning for equal rights between women and men is alright.. but at the same time, we have to understand what we mean by “equal rights”. Is equal rights the same rights as men? I think women are being pressured into being too much like men; radical feminists have painted this portrait that the ideal woman is one who goes out to work, feisty, independent, brings the bread home, very career-minded etc. And there’s nothing wrong with that! But other roles e.g. motherhood, being a wife.. are totally ignored or in the case of being a wife, seen as ‘oppressive.’ So according to the feminist logic, any woman who wants to please her husband/boyfriend is being subordinated and oppressed. And I’ve heard this idea many, many times.

Jeremy August 31, 2011 at 4:26 pm

If you don’t believe that all men are rapists then your not a feminist. Feminist are NOTHING but bigots, openly admitting they are ok with women having more rights. These ignorant harpies are taking away Due Process for men accused of rape. Imagine having a son that went to college and had consensual sex with a girl and somehow pissed her off later. She claims rape and now your son has to prove his innocence not that the prosecution Has to prove his guilt. Or your son marries a feminist who gets tired of him for any reason and your grandbabbies are ripped from your life. Know what your saying before you say it. If your for WOMEN’S RIGHTS and equal rights your NOT a feminist. If you’ve ever given oral sex to a man you disgust feminists. They feel the inherent need to shame and berate their “sistes” if they don’t share exactly the same beliefs as them. Bunch of pissed off walruses that are a plague on MANkind (lol) and should be treated with the same prejudice as the KKK and the National Socialist Party.

Chris August 30, 2011 at 12:11 pm

Sandra ,
Don’t blame us for noticing the obvious .
Feminists love to talk about mutual respect , understanding , and tolerance . Their history in these matters tells an entirely different story . They are , without a doubt , the most disrespectful , least sympathetic , and intolerant people around . What makes it worse is the fact that they’ve somehow managed to get their claws into government policy-making and have institutionalized their bigotry .

Just look at what they’ve done AGAINST both men and women .
A man cannot win in family court . A man goes out and works at some job for fifty hours a week and when he comes home he’s told that because he wasn’t around enough to satisfy her emotional needs , she’s leaving and taking the kids with her . And if she was a lousy mother in the first place , no matter , she’ll just take out a restraining order , claim she was afraid , and accuse him of child abuse . Don’t say it doesn’t happen either … it happens a thousand times a day .

The list goes on really but most importantly is that you , among so many other “feminists” are hypocrites . You don’t care one iota about equal rights . You want superior rights and so far , you’ve got ‘em . You get the healthcare funding , the education system tailored to your needs as a female , the police protection , the societal belief that you could never even so much as tell a lie , a sycophantic media pumping out feminist propaganda (and it is indeed propaganda since none of the “facts” you hear as a feminist are even remotely true) the privilege of telling men to run into bombs during wartime without ever having to face any yourself , government funding to parachute you into high-paying jobs you may not be qualified for , the ability to imprison a man for the rest of his life on your say-so alone , and you STILL have the audacity to complain that you’re so hard-done-by and need yet MORE .

Feminists are the architects of this system and as such they deserve every bit of scorn that we can heap on them . They nagged and complained for years about made-up lies . Now that the truth is available , they suppress it so as to keep up the charade of being put-upon and therefore continue to demand yet more privilege . If a man even says “Hey , why doesn’t the constitution still apply to me ?!” feminists are the first ones to put up the roadblocks to justice .

Feminists are liars and hypocrites . Their first commandment is that no person shall ever criticize either women in general or (especially) feminists themselves . And when you prove them to be the liars that they are they always resort to that old standby … “You’re just a misogynist !”

Nope . More and more people (men especially) have had enough of feminist lies and hypocrisy about “equality” and “tolerance” . Oh , I know what you’re just dying to say but I cut you off at the pass earlier . Shaming language won’t work anymore and the pendulum is rapidly reaching it’s high-point . When it comes back down it’s going to crush feminism and feminists will have nobody but themselves to blame . Don’t blame “misogynists” either … it was feminists who created the vast majority of them .

Sandra July 16, 2011 at 10:58 am

I guess I would not like to admit to being a ‘feminist’ simply because of the attitudes such as yours and many others of feminists being hateful and man haters, lesbians etc etc.

But I am a feminist, of course I am – I am a woman and I don’t like women being put down in anyway when we play an important part in society (as men do too). The fact that I care about this proves that I care about other women (and I do!). I also care about men too – I find it just as hurtful and hateful to assume that all men are cheaters/rapists/sexadditcts etc which is so often portrayed everywhere and I often speak about this to my husband. The sterotypes are unfair, for any gender – its simply not true and you cannot generalize about any one group of people or genders. Of course there are always bad apples. I think the important thing is to have respect for each other.

renee May 7, 2012 at 7:56 pm

Well said.

Woman against Feminism June 6, 2012 at 11:41 pm

If you were a true feminist, you would have no problem stereotyping all men. The modern-day feminist movement is downright hateful, believe me! I dropped out of it in my college days (’95-’97) due to its sheer hypocrisy; so should you, if you haven’t already.

mjb July 29, 2012 at 9:36 pm

It would be far better for you to identify as an equal rights activist / supporter. I can’t stand feminist, but am fully supportive of equal rights.

Feminists only support womens rights, and removing mens rights, they want a matriarchy.

If you like the idea of respecting each other, and having a fair and just society, then you should not fool yourself into thinking you are a feminist.

Be proud to be supportive of equal rights.

lana January 18, 2014 at 8:52 am

Sandra: You are either a feminist or you are not a feminist. If you are a feminist then you must subscribe to the core values of feminist ideology and you must identify with the chief proponents of feminist doctrine.

You cannot say that you support the KKK but you believe in racial harmony. You cannot say that you believe in Nazism but distance yourself from the teachings of Hitler and Himmler. You do not get to say – “Yes I’m a Nazi but I’m one of the nice ones.” That is just a cop-out and it’s very cowardly.

If you want to call yourself a feminist then at least have the courage to own that title and everything that goes with it.

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