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Feminism, A Clever Disease

Some of the most harmful diseases morph and mutate to avoid detection, to survive and indeed grow and flourish. These are characteristics common to feminism and how it attacks and harms society.

When feminism is confronted the first response is generally a declaration of altruism and a covert attempt to even recruit or convince you that you too are a feminist.

This is like a cancer or virus that convinces the body that it is either benign or even part of the body itself. Often this masking technique is in the form of a disarming statement such as “if you support equal rights then you support feminism”, or perhaps a more ambitious variation such as “if you support equal rights and opportunity then you ARE feminist”. This is similar to a virus appearing invisible to a body’s defense mechanism. The feminists seem to believe this is an adequate first response, after all, the stated goal is so admirable that why would any rational person even want to challenge it?

However, this deception has only limited success. Often, something doesn’t feel right, and soon the body makes its first response to control the infection. Quickly, however, feminism begins to morph and confuse. False statistics and rumors are released and flood the system. Surveys on equal pay for equal work are declared to show that women earn only 77 cents for every dollar that a man makes.

The basis of such figures are obscure and shifting so the average person in the course of their busy life is unable to verify these and so is effectively forced to accept them as truth. Dis-ease has begun. Little do they realize that the basis of such claims as “equal pay for equal work” does not mean the same job, or the same hours, or even the same level of experience or expertise. Rather, it is more of an arbitrary mix-and-match of definitions to enable the derivation of statistical anomalies convenient to their objective.

In fact, when the Australian Government’s Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency (“EOWA”) commissioned a 2010 survey on the attitudes of Australians to pay parity, they found that almost two thirds believed that “pay equity” actually meant equal pay for the SAME JOB. It does not. Furthermore, there were several other interpretations that people had for this definition which therefore shows that an even greater majority of the public has no idea of what the EOWA’s statistics are actually measuring.

Incidentally, EOWA has prepared a 1.5 page “Fact Sheet” where half the references cite dubious sources and the other half cite “Ibid.” which in this context is equivalent to saying “well, we just say so”.

When a fairer basis of comparison is used (more along the lines of “same pay for same job” as the majority of the public expect) we then find the reality is rather different. In fact, in many cases, women have surpassed men in their earnings.

Another common statistic is the prevalence of violence against women. When these are examined and put in context these are also found to be, at best, exaggerated or untruths (i.e. lies). For example, feminists allege sharp increases in domestic violence during major sporting events. Domestic violence campaigns during the Super Bowl in the USA are a well known example. Such deception has been widely examined and dismissed. An interesting article on this can be found at The Metropolitan.

Nevertheless, having a sense that the general public is becoming somewhat wiser to this strategy of statistical misinformation, the feminist organism becomes more virulent. It now attacks the very essence of the body – the young and impressionable.

This is perhaps one of the most disgusting examples of feminism – the attack on the confidence and self-esteem of children. I’m referring to what goes on in schools – and not just in the form of a feminist teacher who may happen to exhibit a casual bias towards feminism. I’m talking about organized campaigns.

Take the example of the White Ribbon school campaign in Australia run by manginas (a mangina is a man infected with feminism). They have been distributing School Kits to be presented in schools. Prominent messages throughout this kit include that men are the perpetrators of violence, or more likely to support such views, and that women are the victims. And to ensure that the implied demonization of men and the shattering of a boy’s self-esteem during the event is as effective as possible, he is branded with a White Ribbon wristband to make sure he doesn’t forget the message anytime soon. Can you imagine what the boys may be thinking – “‘gee, I hope I don’t grow into a monster”‘ or “‘oh no, am I part of the problem??”. Is it any wonder that increasing numbers of boys are reported as suffering from emotional problems and attention deficit disorders? Of course, the fostering of victim mentality in young girls has also begun and introduced them to suspicion that the man (or boy) next to them may be a potential batterer or rapist. Parents, you owe it to your children to write to the Education Department about this! It’s no joke. The emotional development and well-being of your children is at stake! If you are unable to stop such a feminist event then demand that your children be excused from school that day.

This campaign does not seek to properly address the broader and real nature of violence in our communities, or even mention that one in three men are victims of domestic violence. Apart from such glaring omissions, there are also numerous errors in the material. The organizers had been made aware of the errors and yet chose to do nothing about it.

Of course there are countless other mutations and attacks on our societies from feminism, such as “Women’s Studies” in colleges and universities (cult-type programming in an environment that prohibits independent or rational thought), the infiltration of government and policy and on numerous other fronts that I hope to address in separate articles.

So, what can be done about it?

As with any disease, the first step is to be able to identify it. Open your eyes! When you hear unbelievable statistics – well, that may be because they’re not believable. Check them out. Educate yourself. Know when you’re being fed lies and know why they are lies.

Having identified the disease, then next step is to eradicate it. By this I mean challenge it with logic.

Since feminism is highly irrational and allergic to logic, it will implode when confronted by logic. But beware, it will often in it’s dying phase attempt a final deception or deflection. For example, when challenging on the statistics of violence in OUR communities, you may get hit with something like “pull your head out of the sand, there’s women being circumcised in Africa, dowry killings in India, sex slave trafficking in Eastern Europe, …and so on”. Yes, these things happen, they are shocking and must be addressed …but notice how it has nothing to do with the original challenge on the facts being presented regarding the local community. Incidentally, isn’t it strange that feminism often exploits the tragedies and suffering of women in other countries just to support their arguments whenever convenient but do not mobilize or address the problem with anywhere near the vigor or determination as, say, protesting the tax on tampons?

Finally, I just want to leave you with a clear message – women are not the enemy! Contemporary feminism is the enemy. There are a lot of outstanding women out there. In fact, many are doing a lot more about tackling feminism than a lot of men. (Perhaps you noticed that many of the linked references in this article were written by women?)

It is contemporary feminism that is dividing our society – women against men. We’ve got to confront this divisive sickness together.


Wicus July 27, 2013 at 7:44 am please help by getting this site shut down and the person behind it stopped. Since I started getting involved in men’s rights I have been looking at more broad issues, and this woman’s attitude toward men shocked me. She actively advocate and promoted the idea than females are superior, and all men want to be dominated. She also proposes that their is no such thing as a mutual loving relationship. Just read the questions. I am shocked at this.
Thank you.

John (admin) July 28, 2013 at 3:06 am

I wouldn’t be too concerned about ‘femdom’ sites. Despite how it looks, it’s a fetish community among willing participants.

The sort of thing that bothers me more is organizations such as Lulu (formerly Take a look at a Lulu news report on Youtube

It’s a social network, open to women only, that hooks into their facebook accounts and grabs all of their male friends’ names and photos. Lulu users are then encouraged to rate the men on things such as sexual performance, earnings potential, etc. This is done without the knowledge or consent of the men.

When a man set up a facebook group to rate local women on sexual performance – he was given a jail sentence. When women do it – they get positive media exposure and funding.

I’ll be posting an article on this in the near future and I’ll be lobbying my local government to take action.

RAHUL91 July 24, 2013 at 9:08 am

pls my request look here also , i m indian man , i like to share some knowledge that men in india have no rights , wives r misusing laws against ,men , abusing , teasing them , thats y indian men r commiting sucides !! at higher rates pls take a look and

media r not highlighting any of such things , there r no. of women organisation in india who do allow to know innocent men abt such things & always mislead people about men .

Bijan April 4, 2013 at 12:25 pm

Its funny that we hear all these complains about wages and also know women are the majority of costumers and spenders in the market at the same time. Where is that money coming from?
Just go to your local mall and observe who is doing shopping or ask stores.
Women not only make good money but the also spend the money men make or men spend it on them.
Compare every couples number of shows and size of the closet and jewelery or shoes or 10 fold grooming expenses compare to men such as hair and make up. Look into a weddings expenses,the groom gets a shower and a rental tuxedo and whom the rest of the expenses go towards?
Not to mention all the loans and grants and free things and helps and discounts women get as well as striping men of every thing a had after a divorce or a break up as common low.
Where I work I witness a woman getting the same pay rate as a man but she moves 1 box when the guy moves 5 at the same time. It never seem to be enough but how far should this go?
Feminism is a cancer of worst kind and in over all picture is not only far from equality but its about unconditional female supremacy. Feminism is a crime against humanity by creating imbalance and hatred between sexes. It is responsible for destructive and damaging effects on lives of both women and man and more importantly families and children.

Mac April 9, 2013 at 7:33 pm

I agree with your post. I hope we can all start uniting like the feminists and start getting back to working for equal rights. I think total equality is a fantasy and will never happen as long as men and women have genetic differences.

When you put all the things men and women to together it is one very good rounded package, however not one can do it all. We are complimentary to each-other, not one better than the other, different, but not with an over all advantage to the other.

The stronger Feminism has become, the more divorces, male drop outs, fewer male collage grads, more social behavior issues with children and women over all are less happy. I think more and more women are realizing that they can not do everything a guy can with with high heels, or have it all.

No matter if you believe in God or not, we are made at a genetic level to complement each-other, just like all the other species on the planet.

Gary T July 28, 2013 at 9:39 am

It is sad how radical feminism has caught up, and way surpassed the quiescent social and political power that men actually have, in society, in politics, in law, in the sciences, and jeesh in just about everything.

The way I look at it over the years was radico-feminist women socio-politically tended to be this annoying gnat that kept buzzing around, whining about inequality and putting on a good prima facie case for it.
The argument appealed to the sense of justice and equality that we all have, and so we’d say yeah that makes sense.

Having the power socio-politically (talking 1940s to 60s) men didn’t think too much about this, but slowly and with tenacity the radico-feminists chipped away at not only the perceived inequalities suffered by women, but began to expand even further, until their rights and presumptions of treatment became superior to mens’.

Now they have taken over the public narrative, they have taken over most of Family and Domestic Law, and they have a whole Congressional Act dedicated to protecting just them.

The thing is, men still have all the nascent political, economic, and social power they have had in the past, it is just that we have been kowtowed into embarrassment and shame if we ever even begin to counter the propaganda narrative.
And, on the average, it still isn’t worth it to try for the average guy, who still wants familial harmony and to not look like a jerk in social circles.
But, and the minority here, as well as those who make up the MRM, knows that it is getting harder and harder to casually avoid getting snared and completely engulfed by the new socio-legal zeitgeist – to the point where now every man is a brief one-step-away target to having all his savings taken away, being put in jail, having his kids taken away, besmirched in the local community, slapped with restraining orders, and over all targeted by several law enforcement agencies, ALL on simple accusations and no evidence or proof, and premised largely (although not stated officially) because he is a man.

It is not the rare occurrence anymore. It is getting bad as a routine life-risk for men in our western societies.
There will be a tipping point, when we as a community of men come to our senses, and all the dormant power we actually hold en-masse will come back to roost.
Unfortunately that time is not now. But until then we are the seeds of of that mass revelation, and we must push back, and enlighten ourselves as a gender, and the public as an essentially non-extremist, and equitable entity.

Gary T July 28, 2013 at 9:53 am

Two links for all here:

See Karen Straughan’s overview of radical feminism on youtube at:

And if you are involved in MRM and/or are ensnared in the Family Court sandbox and its minions, I encourage you to join my Father’s support group at:

Kristie February 5, 2013 at 5:44 pm

I truly think that this article is demonstrative of the adverse effects that the total feminist movement has caused in our society. All of my life I watched my mother work and balance home life with a stoicism that is now seen as unhealthy. My father worked hard to provide, however, one income was not enough to support the four of us. My mother chose a career that would allow her to be home when us kids were. She worked only when we were at school, otherwise she was home with us.
I am a stay at home mom. My husband (God love him) works a full time job. I raise our two pre-teen son’s and take care of everything around our house except for vehicle maintenance (which he does) He does not cook, clean, or do laundry. He is involved with the boys in sports, and spends time on the weekends with them. (he works 2nd. shift during the week, so he does not see them except on the weekends.) We live a similar lifestyle to those in the gender rolls of a by-gone era. I appreciate him and all he does for our family, he does the same for me. I truly believe there is a mutual respect between the two of us that most marriages do not have now a days.
Now, I have been told by many women, some friends even, “that it’s not the 1950′s anymore.” well, I am thinking that with what I see other adult women, friends included, that I would have rather have lived then.
women today seem to think nothing of dressing in scantily clad or semi naked, then become upset when they get whistled at. they seem to think that it’s OK to cheat, steal, lie, expose themselves on social websites & use they’re sexuality to move up in their jobs. They expect the same pay as a man, when they are unable to do the job as competently or as well as a man. Women today seem to demand respect of men, when they give none to men themselves.
Women today have allowed the clever disease of Feminism to abort common sense, and because of the propaganda of Feminism onslaught in the last 60 years they have lower self worth, lower self esteem and lower expectations. Feminism has ruined women today, they expect that all be given to them. Feminism is the subjugation of our patriarchal society. A society that has functioned for thousands of years. Feminism is ruining not only our women, but future generations. Male and Female.
It has been so subtle of a disease very few are recognizing it as what it is. What is wrong with our world today, most if not all issues will lead back into the movement that in the last century has torn all of our societal norms asunder. Feminism.

John (admin) February 5, 2013 at 5:59 pm

Kristie, thanks for your input. Recently I discovered a blog that I think you may enjoy (as well as this one ;) ) . Have a look at – she shares a lot of your views and she ‘aint shy to say it!

Kristie February 5, 2013 at 10:23 pm

Thanks John, I will be sure to check it out. I noticed it on your blog roll and will take a look at them too!

Mac April 3, 2013 at 7:28 pm

A very well but post.

George February 5, 2013 at 1:31 pm

I agree with you on every point. Yet, I believe that your web-site falls short of exposing the full extent of feminism’s absurdity and abomination. I could not possibly engage in the necessary thorough sociological analysis in a mere post. Schematically, however, some of the dominant issues which must be addressed as a necessary condition for an effective struggle against feminism are the following

(1) The cornerstone of feminist propaganda that “throughout history women have been repressed by men and treated as second-class citizens”. The reality is identically the opposite: Throughout history men have been repressed for the sake of women! (i) From the early hunting activities in the primitive community to the slave-type activity in the mines, construction sites, shipyards, etc. it has, invariably, been men who took up all that hard, exhausting, and life-shortening labour, that women may enjoy the domestic comfort. (ii) Throughout history it has invariably been men who shed their blood in the battlefields, that women may enjoy the domestic safety. In fact, these are identically the reasons that men – through their suffering – also conquered the very few higher positions which society availed, such as those in academic institutions. Women never conquered anything! Yet, through “affirmative-action” policies enacted in response to feminist demands, highly unqualified women today get academic positions at the expense of highly qualified men. For the last thirty years at least, the vast majority of relevant advertisements all over the world conclude on the lines “Our institution supports equal opportunity. Female applicants will take priority / are particularly encouraged to apply”. Admire the feminist “logic”: Equal opportunity is to reject an applicant merely because he is a man!!! (iii) Men, only, are sexually repressed by women. Never women by men. It is the man who invariably has to approach the woman. It is the man who has to risk a humiliating rejection. It is the man who invariably has to make of himself AN OBJECT of the woman’s sexual choice, if he is to stand a chance of sexual survival. The woman can have sex with any man she chooses, where she chooses and when she chooses, whereas the man can only beg, hope and “pray”!

(2) The central objective of feminism to emasculate all men! Toward that objective feminism and homosexuality walk hand in hand. (i) Through torrents of abominable and thoroughly brainwashing propaganda the political establishment, which has thoroughly embraced feminism and homosexuality, would have everybody believe that homosexuality is “natural” and that, consequently, every male is effectively a homosexual! To support such an abominable claim it points to the widespread presence of homosexuality (“if gays were unnatural they would not exist at all”) which its brainwashing propaganda has effectively created but blatantly turns a blind eye to the existence of the genetic hatred which real men (also decent women) have against homosexuality. It advances that propaganda by citing (well-paid of course) “scientific research” conducted by “authoritative” charlatans and professional homosexuals such as that Kinsey (that arch queer of a “sexologist” who – judging by himself – graded every male’s “homosexuality” on a scale from one to six and then stated “If it is not over two then you can still call yourself a heterosexual”…). The fact is that anyone who has even a vestige of homosexual inclinations is, indeed, a homosexual – even if he only has sex with women. This is precisely the feminist political establishment’s propaganda. Namely, that all human males are male women, most of whom are simply …heterosexual – that is, they simply PREFER to have sex with female women. The nauseating official terms “sexual preference” and “sexual orientation” which permeate the entire political establishment (from employment procedures to the judicial system) amount to a direct statement that there is no such thing as a real man. (ii) ‘If the facts disagree with me then so much the worse for the facts!’ In order to accomplish its monstrous objective of eradicating all manhood it is necessary that feminism assault the very empirically concrete proof which Nature poses to the effect that homosexuality is centrally unnatural: The genetic hatred against homosexuality with which everybody is born and which real men adamantly refuse to subordinate in order to conform with this unnatural society. This is what the ideology of “homophobia” aims at accomplishing. According to that homosexual, feminist and, indeed, official ideology there is no such thing as genetic hatred against homosexuality and everything unnatural. If a man hates homosexuality, if he refuses to accept that homosexuality is “natural”, if he refuses to accept that everybody is effectively a homosexual – in fact, if he reacts with violence against these abominable feminist claims then he is … “afraid” that he himself may be a homosexual – or, far worse, he is a homosexual himself, yet denies that to himself!!! Yet another monument of …feminist “logical rigor”! Following this “logic” we should naturally come to the conclusion that the feminists appear to hate men because – if only subconsciously – they are afraid of being men themselves, or of ever becoming men themselves!!!

(3) The social origins of the feminist ideology. To expose, is one thing and to explain, is another! Your web-site makes a commendable effort to expose the nauseating essence of feminism but it does not explain that essence. Nor is it rational to dismiss the necessity for such a scientific analysis on the naive claim that everybody has been duped by the feminist propaganda. No propaganda finds fertile ground in people’s minds if the social conditions do not allow it (in this respect, the rise of Nazism provides a fascinating example). As is the case with all ideology, feminism has emerged as a result of specific social relations. Without properly analyzing these relations which constitute the material basis of feminism it shall not be possible to, scientifically, explain the social ideology of feminism and – hence – to, effectively, fight against it. There is neither more space nor time for such an analysis here. I shall only mention in passing that the political establishment skillfully exploited the social conditions which gave rise to a spontaneous and irrational suspicion against men in order to advance that suspicion to an all-out hatred against men through a well-organized feminist propaganda. The analysis may be subtle but its conclusion is simple: If women hate men and, indeed, if men accept themselves as the guilty “class” in society then the real culprits of social repression and misery, the handful of corporate parasites (those who live in mythical luxury, first by sucking the sweat of their own working people and then by sucking millions of “expendable” lives through economic subjugation of, and wars against, other countries) will continue to exploit and murder without hindrance. Is it then any wonder that the entire political establishment – that is, the very state machine which serves the corporations (be that with a conservative, liberal or “socialist” government – with the republicans or with the democrats in power all the same) – has whole-heartedly embraced feminism, from “Ladies Only”-practises to the abominable voodoo-type posters that your web-site has thoroughly exposed?

Gary T February 28, 2013 at 10:02 am

George I agree with you on almost everything you said.
I respectfully disagree with you on about half of what you said about homosexuality though.
People are different, and in different shades of difference.
I would not say because a person had brief homosexual thought, that they are homosexual as you implied.
I would say a person is homosexual by birth, and is effectively so if they enjoy intimate relations with others of the same gender. That is about it.
As to its naturalism – well it happens, it is a fact of nature, and it is innate, so in that sense it is natural. It doesn’t harm anyone more than any other sexual activity, and homosexuals are just as good or bad people as anyone else. It has been around since the beginning of humankind, so in that sense it is sociologically natural.
One may argue that there should be an evolutionary pressure to discourage homosexuality, yet here it is likely at a constant 6%
It really is a none issue on its own; however if there is an effort via feminist activism to convince impressionable people that they homosexual when they are not, well that is bad activism, and if it is done in advancing the radical feminist agenda, that makes it all the more malignant.

Mike Hanson August 9, 2011 at 1:12 am

Just throwing this out here: you accuse Feminists of misrepresenting statistics, then you misuse ones you link to: “one in three men are victims of domestic violence,” you say. The link says, when you click on it, “at least one in three victims of family violence are male.” First off, that implies that the figure of women suffering from family violence is significantly more than that of male violence (roughly 1/3 male means roughly 2/3 female), but also that you don’t even understand what you’re saying/ are intentionally misrepresenting statistics to further your ideological goals.
You’re no better than the Feminists you criticize.

John (admin) August 30, 2011 at 4:19 pm

‘Mike’, you would really make any feminist proud. You talk about misusing statistics yet you’ve ignorantly tried to make this your personal “Biggest Victim” contest.

The numbers in the domestic violence example (yes, 2 in 3 is more than 1 in 3 – how long did it take you to notice that one?) was intended to bring balance in addressing domestic violence rather than the White Ribbon’s wholesale “Woman – good, Man – evil” approach. Are you really so petty?

Jeremy August 31, 2011 at 4:35 pm

Mike Hanson is a tool. He did take this quite personal didn’t he. “Mike” if that is your name you sir are a douche in the most classic sense. You see an article bringing to light actual social injustice and quickly try to discredit it. Woman on Man domestic violence is very real. I’m a victim myself. I was repeatedly punched in the face by a girlfriend during college. I pushed her off of me as defense and you’ll notice I said push all the while she was pummeling my face. She threatened to call the police and because I’m a man and much larger than her I would have gone to jail for creating a safe distance between us the only way I could. If you are a man your one of these worthless “manginas” and are a pawn of supercunts around the world. Applause to you, mam.

Alan Jervis February 20, 2012 at 7:21 pm

Mike Hanson is not a tool, he is actually SHE. That post is clearly the work of a feminazi and the time is long overdue to do something about them.
With their PSYCHOTIC ideologies and dogmas which are based upon total LIES against men, they have already destroyed the family unit and are making rapid progress at destroyng the very core of Western Society.
One of the most disgusting lies is the one that stigmatizes men who are accused of looking at ‘child pornography’ where the lives of totally innocent men (as well as their families) are being irreversibly ruined for the ‘crime’ of simply looking at images that they claim to be ‘child-pornography’. Images such as seventeen year old women in bikinis are now classified as child pornography and can earn any man caught in possession of them (even one single picture) up to 10 years in prison!
That is a longer prison term that what is often handed down to a REAL paedophile who actually rapes and even murders a child under 12 years old.
This law is so poorly and loosely defined (on purpose) that it now opens the door for prosecution and total destruction of almost ALL men in Western Society.
The LIES, deceit and institutionlized HATRED these parasites are spinning will only get worse if we don’t do something – NOW!
They have successfully launched a campaign not unlike the campaign of hatred against non-Ariyan races in Germany in the 1940′s by Adolf Hitler, where instead of Jews or other non-Ariyan races, it is now ‘paedophiles’ or sexual deviants.
Because they have been allowed to convince governmets and even the UN itself to redifine narratives and politically correct terms and phrases to mean just about anything they choose, we are ALL in danger of becoming victims of what is now the great paedophile witch-hunt that they have convinced society as the crime of all crimes.
Any behaviour now can be construed as being ‘paedophilic’ and they have also invented ridiculous definitions and ideas such as looking at photos of ‘children’ (which could mean a 17 year old fully clothed woman) they say ‘re-victimizes’ the child and therefore any man (women are exempt) caught looking at such images is a paedophile and must be locked up. (Mandatory minimum terms of imprisonment).
Note: this could even mean a photo of your sister or your girlfriend, even if she’s 25 but looks ‘underage’! Or ebven more bizarre: ‘re-worked’ pictures of that famous cartoon family: The Simpsons, not even real people!
We are really living in frightening times – ALL of us.
As you are probably aware they are also doing everything they can to keep raising the age of consent for sex, this way even a man who has consensual sex with his 18 yr old girlfriend will soon qualify as a ‘paedophile’ and yes, locked up for years – life ruined.
They also have even more barbaric laws now for young girls who send ‘compromising’ photos of themselves taken with, then sent via their mobile phones. They too are now labelled ‘paedophiles’ for possessing and distributing child porn. However, the girls don’t face anywhere near as much trouble as the boyfriend (man) they send the photo to. He would end up in prison for possessing child pornography and needless to say, when he is prison would be arse raped, and beaten by all the other ‘paedo’-hating prisoners everyday he is there!
What they have now succeeded in doing is they have convinced the world that ALL men are closet paedophiles, perverts and rapists by a very carefully planned propaganda campaign and manipulation of language (political correctness) to the point that we now have a a modern day witch-hunt; where the world is obsessed with sexual deviation which for nearly all of it: isn’t even true.
Sure, there are ‘paedophiles’ that really do rape little kids even murder them and they DO DERSERVE to be jailed for a long time, or even killed, but what the bitches have done and with help from leading political powers, is they have confounded ‘crimes’ such as looking at pictures of little girls to be the same or an even worse offence than an actual, real child-rape offence!
This is nothing more than organized, institutionalized hatred and misandry in its lowest form.
That is what these BITCHES are doing now to try and destroy the entire male gender!
That is the real agenda of feminism and it has NOTHING to do with the slogan they use to justify the stupid laws they introduce either: ‘the protection of children’…
They don’t care a fuck about children, they care about their own struggle for control of the world. Most of the feminazis (the real powerful, radical ones) are all butch, man-hating lesbians that would feel sick at the very idea of baring a child and in the unlikely event that they ever became pregnant: would immediately abort the foetus anyway.
There are many websites that cover this dreadful situation in more detail too.
Here are some:
There are of course links to more info within those sites.

ZBK June 9, 2011 at 6:36 pm

New laws need to be implemented that put an end to feminism and all the feminist ways and tactics. That is the only way out of this Great Depression and unemployment/jobs crisis.
It sounds bad/harsh…but the truth is always like that.

TerryDifferent April 8, 2011 at 2:01 am

Thanks GD! Yes that was pinegrove33, I’m also subscribed to his YouTube channel.

GD April 7, 2011 at 2:44 pm

An excellent read. I will be passing hard copies of this to outstanding women I know who give me the whole feminist shuffle every time the subect is brought up. I think the most important thing is to get feminism seperated from ‘womens rights movements’. They had a point once, they may still have one, but whatever it is, is lost when translated by its feminist overlord parasite.

Chapin (assuming you are pinegrove33)…I really like your YT channel.

TerryDifferent March 17, 2011 at 3:59 pm

Thanks Bernard. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Bernard Chapin March 17, 2011 at 6:30 am

Good article there Terry and great links,

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