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‘All Men Are Liars’

That’s the name of a blog run by what is regarded as one of Australia’s most prestigious newspapers.

How long do you think a blog at a mainstream media channel called ‘All Women Are Liars’ would last?

It’s very disturbing to find that a prestigious newspaper such as The Age sees no problem in promoting and maintaining a blog called ‘All Men Are Liars‘. It’s also surprising that The Age doesn’t recognize that running headlines such as this only serves to diminsh its credibility.

This has been run for years by a man named Sam de Brito. It appears that he’s using the provocative title simply to generate traffic to his blog. He claims that ‘all men are liars, except Sam de Brito’.


Does having a blog called “All Men Are Liars” seem like nothing much to be upset about?

Suppose that a blog called something like ‘All Women Are Liars’ was run. How long do you think it would last? There is no doubt that the publication would have been inundated with negative publicity and demands from women’s groups to have it renamed or removed. It would surely have been deemed as inappropriate, degrading and an assault on women’s dignity.

But if it’s men who are targeted then society turns a blind eye.

Such negative and derogatory messages about men are prevalent in western society and the cumulative effect on mental health for men and boys can’t be dismissed.

First, we need to acknowledge that such messages are unacceptable.

Consider writing to The Age.Their postal address is at: PO Box 257C, Melbourne VIC 3001, Australia. Regular postal mail is usually the only form that gets taken seriously, however, you can also contact them online.


yesimmale March 13, 2014 at 1:26 pm

The things some people will do to get traffic to their blog. Pathetic, isn’t it?

I find it interesting there is no open discussion for the blog post. Gee, I wonder why.

I couldn’t even read the whole article. Things like this make me sick to my stomach. Literally. I leave my apartment and deal with garbage like this, only to come home, get on the internet and see it. It’s everywhere. And how so many people can deny the oppression of men is far beyond my scope of logical thinking. Especially other men I talk with. They’re either completely oblivious to what is happening – although I really can’t see how – or they’re so terrified of saying anything they’ve crawled inside a thick shell of denial in order to deal with the reality of it. It’s most likely the latter I would think.

It really is time for men and their supporters to band together and end this Fascist charade called ‘Feminism’. If we don’t I am of the firm belief men could be in very serious danger. Akin to what the Jewish people experienced in Nazi Germany from the 1930′s until the end of WWII. I am very vocal about this concern and most people think I’m off my rocker. That’s fine. But when these men who call me an idiot and lunatic are behind bars waiting to be ‘sorted out’ by Radical Feminist Nazis in order to decide the fate of their existence their last thoughts may just be ‘Wow..that guy was right.’

Fight the good fight fellas and don’t back down. We need our rights back if we are to survive.

Thanks for the great site. I come by and read quite a bit. :-)

Student October 14, 2013 at 8:56 pm

Two things:
1. Everybody lies.
2. Fuck you, Sam de Brito you ignorant cunt!

feminism raised me February 17, 2012 at 11:46 am

Here’s one:
All people sin. It is why Christians, such as my self, believe Jesus died at the cross. I am glad I have found this blog I have often attributed modern problems on feminist movements. We allow the television to raise our children (we in the proverbial sense, I do not actually have cable. And I do not believe movies to be as bad as television as movies are meant to be a theatrical experience where as commercials claim to represent real life) because the average family cant afford to have a stay at home parent. The right to work has, in my opinion, become the demand to work. I cannot speak for all women but i can speak for my fiancée who hates the idea of leaving our 5 yr old to go into the work force because it is near impossible for us to buy a house or any extras without the dual income….. going off topic a bit…
The problem however, does lie with the men of our society present and past. Too often do I see men who act as boys. not looking for a spouse to take care of but a mother to take care of them. I understand that this is likely a result of the issues in early child hood learning. So let me go back further. none of this would have happened if men hadn’t grow so decadent and disrespectful of a woman’s role in society. Of course, women have often shared that view just towards men. at some point men just said “fine you fucking try it” and now we are stuck with a confused society where everyone thinks they have to be independent. DEPENDENCE IS SOCIETY. fuck. we will never rise above the real problems our society is destined to face unless we accept out weaknesses and move forward. Just fucking deal with it! Guess what? 90% of woman will never be able to build houses or reach the tinfoil on the top shelf of the cupboard. 90% of men will never be able to raise small children without blowing a gasket or remember what everyone in the family likes to eat. I don’t know what point I’m trying to make, but what I do know is that sexism is real and I am sexist. No sex is better than the other. BUT FOR FUCK SAKES WE ARE DIFFERENT! and until we accept that and reintegrate our differences back into our society’s views we will never be happy and we will just keep blaming each other for our unhappiness. This same concept can be carried to racism. I am a open racist. I do not hate any race, in fact my fiancée is Chinese. But for Jesus sake we are not all the same! There is more than looks that separate us. We have to accept our inequities and move forward leaving no man child or woman (who is will to do there part) behind.

RT November 17, 2010 at 6:46 am

Sorry… ignorance and denial. Denial that they have the exact same prejudice weaknesses as the rest of everyone else, that they too have to constantly probe and analyse any generalisations they may have. I try to always be fully aware of what I’m saying about a particular group of people, even I admit that I have my weakness but I try to strive above them. Of course I know that sounds a bit pompous on my part but….

RT November 17, 2010 at 6:41 am

This type of blindness from those who should know better is prevalent not just on gender issues, but racial and nationalistic issues too. I won’t get into those though, that’s whole another cans of worms to open up.

I may sound very cynical of the human race right now, but it seems to be something in some human brains that can’t see the same injustice that others suffer just because it is not as severe or has gone on as long as theirs.

But those are the exact same people that should be sensitised to it, we should be evolving from it. Now some probably do this will-fully and maliciously, but mainly it just seems to be ignorance.

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