Here are some other sites that we hope you find useful:

  • A Woman Against Feminism And For Men’s Rights
    • This blog was created by a woman, Kelly Mac, who shares our passion for real equality and not the misandry of current-day feminism. Unfortunately, it appears that the blog is no longer functional. There is a note on the blog that the site was being moved, but the new address doesn’t work.
    • Nevertheless, Kelly’s site still contains numerous well-researched facts and arguments that feminists would prefer that you didn’t know about.
  • Male Matters
    • An active blog highlighting cases of discrimination against men in western society.
  • A Voice for Men
    • Active blog with lots of comments from men who are fed up with how they’re being treated.
  • Men’s Rights Agency
    • An Australian site run by Reg and Sue Price. I have personally heard of Sue’s strong men’s rights statements in mainstream media. To male readers who mistakenly think that it’s “all women out to get us” , I would like to point out that people like Sue (and Kelly above) have been far stronger, outspoken and articulate in their support for men’s rights then most men that I know. It’s not about one side conquering another – it’s about establishing mutual respect and equality.
  • What Men Are Saying About Women
    • A very active site that is straight-talking about many of the gender issues that a lot off men are irritated about.